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December 5, 2016
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Design-Build of the New Borrego Springs Library and Park 2 7762 CA Details 1/5/2017 Kymeshia Morris 858.505.6821 E-mail
NEW Professional Design Services for the Chavez Library Staff and Children's Restroom Renovations and ADA Compliance PW 1620 CA Details 1/5/2017 Ahbid Mohammad, Project Manager 209.937.7903 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Radio Frequency Identification Conversion Eagle Valley Library District CO 12/9/2016 Diane Levin, Technical Services Manager 940.949.6797 E-mail
NEW Library Borrower Smart Cards 1016-1 NY Details 12/12/2016 Cristina
and William Funk, Director of Procurement Management
718.990.8684 and 718.990.0782 E-mail
Audio Visual Presentation System for the Community Room in the Simi Valley Public Library CSL 2016-01 CA Details 12/16/2016 Sandra Hernandez 805.583.6761 E-mail
Library Management System AB-2016-06877 AB Details 12/16/2016 Gayle Gardiner, Senior Procurement Specialist 403.220.8619 E-mail
Auburn Library Self-Checkout Stations AL Details 12/28/2016 Chris Warren 334.501.3191 E-mail
Integrated Library System IN Details 1/31/2017 Carol Williams, Head of Technical Services 219.931.5100, x345 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW Library Material Suppliers RFQ 504 VA Details Open Until Contracted Diane Smith, Contracting Officer 571.258.3190; Fax 703.771.5097 E-mail
Library Books 5048 WI Details 12/9/2016 Jodi Shores, Purchasing Clerk 262.359.6338 E-mail
Library Services Platform (LSP) for UC San Diego Library RFx-FY2017-422-1620LSB CA Details 12/9/2016 Laura Blankenship E-mail
Next Generation Library Management Solution VCCS-ASR-17-121 VA Details 1/5/2017 Michele Skaggs 804.819.4965 E-mail
Bookmobile for the Rolling Hills Library MO Details 1/5/2017 Michelle Mears, Library Director 816.205.7000 E-mail
Library Books and Media (Fully Processed and Unprocessed) TX Details 1/11/2017 Nancy York 830.372.1930 E-mail
Library Books - Supplemental 2615-7NE TX Details 1/31/2017 Coordinator for Purchasing E-mail
Library: Books/Periodicals/Media 17-18 6F000 TX Details 2/1/2017 Melanie Canedo 316.561.8452
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Tomkins County Public Library Flooring Replacement 2016035 NY Details 12/8/2016 Lisa Hall, Buyer 607.274.5500
Roof Repairs at Medford Public Library 17-0016 MA Details 12/8/2016 Thupten Chukhatsang E-mail
Hamilton Library Addition, Phase III, Upgrade Controls, Central Plant, and Reheat Systems, University of Hawaii at Manoa  B2017000067 HI Details 12/9/2016 Sonia Mejes 808.956.9572 E-mail
UNLV Lied Library (LLB) Smoke Management Systems Redesign Maintenance Project 5247-FG NV Details 12/12/2016 Franklin Godinez 702.895.5883 E-mail
Lilly Library - Window Replacement BL155 IN Details 12/13/2016 Rhonda Deckard
Painting Morgan Memorial Library 17043-AT VA Details 12/13/2016 Amy Trahan, Buyer I E-mail
Alameda Area Recreation Center / Library 2017-594R TX Details 12/14/2016 Claudia Garcia 915.212.1218
NEW Hodges Library Improvements TN Details 12/15/2016
Homer Babbidge Library Level 1 Renovation 201690 CT Details 12/15/2016 Walt Dalia
North Central Michigan College - Library Renovations MI Details 12/15/2016 Toni Berry 231.373.6960 E-mail
Demolish and Remove Structure MI Details 12/15/2016 Michael Kiella E-mail
Stoughton Public Library Project MA Details 12/15/2016 E-mail
NEW SVSU - Zahnow Library BP#2 MI Details 12/19/2016 Trace Hendrick E-mail
Kalama Public Library Renovation & Repair KLM1 WA Details 12/19/2016 Kim Doyle 206.749.9993 E-mail
Redding Library Flooring - Children's Area 166875 CA Details 12/19/2016 Mari Szynal Fax: 530.225.4434 E-mail
Building Remodel for Wilder Free Library ID 12/21/2016 Greg Toolson 208.463.9295 E-mail
Construction of the New Walkersville Library 17-114-CP MD Details 12/21/2016
Central Library Level 8 & 9 Construction PS20161840 BC Details 12/21/2016 Donabella Bersabal, Contracting Specialist 604.829.2081 E-mail
NEW High Point Library Construction Project Phase II 30-122216 NC Details 12/22/2016 Duncan Parnell Company 336.855.1211
Submersible Pump & Irrigation Sprinkler Sys Repair - Manoa Library HI Details 12/23/2016 Sonia Mejes 800.586.3697 E-mail
NEW Greenwood Branch Improvements SPL-PW #2016-10 WA Details 1/5/2017 Ingrid Jennings 206.386.4164 E-mail
Library Print Materials and Authority Control 17-06 AZ Details 1/11/2017   E-mail
NEW Interior Renovation of the Adrian Branch Library MN Details 1/12/2017
Library Expansion Project 2017-07 FL Details 1/17/2017 Ryan Spradlin, Public Works Operations  Manager 954.757.4149
Library Maintenance Support Center Remodel & Addition 10001 WI Details 2/10/2017
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Outreach Services Vehicle IL Details 12/12/2016 Paul Mills, Executive Director E-mail
NEW Security Cameras - South Norwalk Branch Library 3689 CT Details 12/21/2016 Carleen Megaro, Purchasing Department 203.854.7828 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Joplin Public Library Furniture 2016-05-79-05345 MO Details 12/8/2016 Mindy Sorg 319.363.6018 E-mail
Furniture: Classroom/Library 17-18 4S000 TX Details 2/13/2017 Melanie Canedo 361.561.8452
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
School  Library Consultant to Assist Alaska's School Library Staff 2017-0500-3589 AK Details 12/12/2016 Rob Roys, Procurement Officer 907.465.8654 E-mail
LEED Certified Janitorial Services for EBR Main Library A16-0404 LA Details 12/14/2016 Debbie Kimball 225.389.3259
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail