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October 3, 2016
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Design/Build Svcs for Library CIP Renovations  16RFP0892016K-JAJ GA 10/7/2016 Mark Hawks  404.612.5812 E-mail
Design Services - Library Improvements / EAM DSB-3-W6 MA Details 10/14/2016 Christopher Gagliastro, Purchasing Director 508.799.1220, ext 1224 E-mail
NEW A/E Services for Renovations for Public Library 9/23/2016 VA Details 10/17/2016 Connie Gibson 434.432.7744 E-mail
Library Renovation and Expansion J-298-DP GA Details 10/19/2016 Jeff Preston E-mail
Library Building Program and Space Plan Study MA 10/21/2016 Andrea Nicolay, Director of Libraries E-mail
Design Services for the Renovation of the Ellen Coolidge Burke Library 615 VA Details 10/25/2016 Darryl Jackson  703.746.4298
NEW UC Libraries Master Plan Study UCN-16164A OH Details 10/27/2016 Mary Beth McGrew  E-mail
NEW Design and Building Services for Renovations to Switzer Library 17-6204 GA Details 10/27/2016 E-mail
Gravenhurst Public Library Facility/Site Study RFP# LIB-2016-01  ON Details 11/1/2016 Julia Reinhart E-mail
NEW Branch Library Space and Architectural Study UT Details 11/7/2016 Patty Steed E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Integrated Website Content Management System and Library Catalogue Discovery Layer for Halifax Public Libraries P16-092  NS Details 10/7/2016 Karen Rundle, Procurement Consultant 902.490.6476 E-mail
Public Library Statistics Collection and Reporting System 7952  BC Details 10/11/2016 Allan Carlson E-mail
Next Generation Library System SAQMMA16R0409 DC Details 10/21/2016 Andrew T. Rothstein E-mail
NEW School Library Automation System RFQ 165 PA Details 10/31/2016 Kelly Earl, Buyer II  E-mail
Integrated Library System MI Details 11/1/2016 Celia Morse, Automation Services Consultant  248.536.3100, ext. 104  E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW Adult Materials for Bartlett Public Library TN Details 10/10/2016 Cecilia Showers E-mail
NEW Standing Order Reference Material for Public Library  TN Details 10/10/2016 Cecilia Showers E-mail
NEW Classics and Graphic Novels Paperbacks for Public Library TN Details 10/10/2016 Cecilia Showers E-mail
NEW ​Library Magazines, Periodicals, Newspapers NC Details 10/13/2016 Tom Wester 919.856.6153 E-mail
NEW RFP17-17 Library Subscription Services RFP17-17 TX Details 10/13/2016 Jennifer Chiu 713.718.5138 E-mail
NEW Library Periodicals 16-073 LA Details 10/13/2016 Angela McNicoll 318.673.5454
Library Subscriptions 2017-N-17998 GA Details 10/24/2016 Berta Alldredge, Contract Specialist E-mail
NEW Library Materials and Value-added Services CO Details 10/31/2016 Logan Macdonald, Director of Products and Technology E-mail
Library Books - Supplemental 2615-7 TX Details 1/31/2017 Coordinator for Purchasing E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Library Improvement Project CIP 15-08  CA Details 10/6/2016 Clara Olmedo, Associate Engineer E-mail
Madelyn Helling Library Amphitheater CA Details 10/6/2016 Sandy Balzer E-mail
Library Carpet/Vinyl Project IFB NO.: 17-23 MA 10/6/2016 P. Michael Vaughn, Chief Procurement Officer/ Purchasing Agent, City of Lowell 978.970.4110 E-mail
Construction of the new Oxford Public Library  CT 10/7/2016 George R. Temple, First Selectman 203.888.2543
Library First Floor Renovation for Student Accessibility Services KSU-15L089  OH Details 10/11/2016 Charmaine Iwanski, Project Manager 330.618.1703
Academic Technology and Renovation (Carlson Library Renovation, Phase 3) FY17-15, (Project # 0034-17-742)  OH Details 10/11/2016 E-mail
NEW RFP-Construction Management Services-Jackson County Public Library 1516-18(b) FL Details 10/17/2016 Judy Austin 850.482.9633 E-mail
Justice Center Adult Probation and Law Library Alterations Bid #357610-1266E PA Details 10/19/2016 Peter Navarro, Director of Procurement 610.344.6325
Madison Public Library Project 2016-009-ITB AL Details 10/19/2016 Kelly Butler 256.772.5681 E-mail
NEW Art installation/Millwork/Interactive Wall Design at Library 2017-051 IA 10/20/2016 Mike Adair E-mail
NEW Library Repository Storage Systems 754-REPSTORSYS-2016 TX Details 10/21/2016 Bonnie Corkran E-mail
NEW New Library – General Construction 1104-68-PP3-GC-REBID PA Details 11/4/2016 Tarah Morris E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Library Bindery Services UK-1713-17 KY Details 10/14/2016 Rebecca Purcell 859.257.5479
Tempe Public Library Wayfinding Consultant 17-042 AZ Details 10/18/2016 Lisa Goodman  480.350.8533 E-mail
Exhibition Coordinator Services 44-013 CA Details 10/18/2016 Robert Morales 213.228.7462 E-mail