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August 22, 2016
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Architectural & Engineering Services for the Design of a New Community Branch Library VA Details 8/26/2016 Sheldon Cash, Director of Public Works 540.586.7601 E-mail
Lexington Central Library Reuse / Retrofit Analysis Consulting Services 27-2016 KY Details 8/30/2016 Todd Slatin 859.258.3320 E-mail
NEW RFQ for Hingham Public Library Schematic Design/Feasibility for Potential Construction Grant Project MA 9/7/2016 Roger Fernandes, Town Engineer  781.741.1430   E-mail
NEW RFQ - Architectural and Interior Design for Goldendale Community Library and Stevenson Community Library WA Details 9/9/2016 Sam Wallin 360.906.5013 E-mail
NEW Consultant Services for Space Use Plan CT Details 9/14/2016 Brenda McKinley, Library Director  E-mail
NEW Design/Build Svcs for Library CIP Renovations  16RFP0892016K-JAJ GA 10/7/2016 Mark Hawks  404.612.5812 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Integrated Web-based Library Management System 16-055 TX 9/1/2016 Andrea Tena 210.224.2781, ext. 119
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW Library Audiobook/DVD Subscription FA5205-16-Q-B068 Japan Details 8/31/2016 Benjamin T. Albers  +3152264895 E-mail
Web-based Law Library Database 86423-O3 NE Details 9/1/2016 Gayle Dietz E-mail
NEW Monographic Literature for the National Library of Medicine NIHLM2016818-UHP MD Details 9/9/2016 Uyen H Phuong, Contracting Officer 301.496.6127 E-mail
NEW Purchase of Library Materials and Related Services FL Details 9/14/2016 Betsy Cohen E-mail
NEW Library Books - Supplemental 2615-7 TX Details 1/31/2017 Coordinator for Purchasing E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
SVSU - Zahnow Library MI Details 8/30/2016 Trace Hendrick E-mail
Construction Manager @ Risk Request for Proposal for Andersen Library Special Collections Research Center & Rare Book Storage RFP # 01-220-16-4406A MN Details 8/31/2016 Kevin Sullivan  E-mail
Sharon Forks Library Expansion & Renovation 16-80-1500 GA Details 9/1/2016
Medical Education Commons – Shiffman Library – Dr. Prasad Collaboration Space WSU Project No. 608-261912 MI Details 9/1/2016 Valerie Kreher, Senior Buyer 313.577.-3720 E-mail
Palm Springs Library LED Information Sign 15-28 CA Details 9/1/2016 City of Palm Springs Engineering Services Department Fax: 760.322.8207 E-mail
Augusta Savage Arts and Community Center Library Renovation RFQ No. 08-16-05 FL Details 9/6/2016 Lauren Fitzgerald  904.297.7500, ext. 3323
Burritt Library Media Center CCSU Project # 22-87 CT Details 9/7/2016 Thomas Brodeur, Director of Purchasing  860.832.2531
Ortiz Correctional Center & Lakes Library Chiller Replacement ITB160439 FL Details 9/7/2016 Adam  Brooke 239.533.8851 E-mail
Temple University - New Library Structural Steel Project 1104-68-PP8 PA Details 9/9/2016 Tarah Morris 215.926.2015 E-mail
NEW Repair Casey Library Envelope W91151-16-B-0010 TX Details 9/14/2016
Deborah Scibor, Contract Specialist
254.287.3056 E-mail
Renovate Library CCK-2164-17 KY Details 9/14/2016
Matt Spalding
Sierra Vista Elementary School Office & Library Module Building Project 2016-17-002 CA Details 9/15/2016
Chris Davis
Library Building Fire Alarm Upgrade PW160006 CA Details 9/29/2016
Robin Eicher, Facilities Management
916.278.4895 E-mail
Equipment & Supplies
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW Library Gates 70410 KS Details 8/25/2016 Purchasing Department 785.532.6214 E-mail
Labels for Hennepin County Library CFB0000014 MN Details 8/30/2016 Abby Malkerson E-mail
NEW Purchase of Bookmobile for Burlington County Library System NJ Details 9/13/2016 Ranjna Das, Library Director 609.267.9660, ext. 3021
NEW AV, Digital Signage, and Video systems for Library and Learning Centre AB Details 9/14/2016 Myriam Laroche 403.440.6194 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW Library Shelving & Furniture FA5587-16-Q-0020 UK Details 8/26/2016 Nikkole Stites, Contracting Specialist +441638521338 E-mail
NEW Library Furniture - West Elementary School TN 9/7/2016 Hugh Clement 423.586.7700
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW Library Moving Services for Cheyney University of PA 2016-KLN-RLG-27 PA Details 8/26/2016 Robert Gross 717.720.4168 E-mail
Jesse Smith Library Exterior Painting 17-002 RI Details 8/29/2016 Rose Doughty 401.568.4300
Three Year Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance Services of Mechanical Systems for the Des Plaines Public Library 16-Jul IL Details 8/29/2016 Roberta Johnson 847.376.2816 E-mail
Community Needs Assessment - Maury County Library TN Details 8/30/2016 Purchasing Department 931.375.3110 E-mail
NEW Librarian Service - Volkel AB F3W7T46195A001 Netherlands Details 8/31/2016 Rachel Sullivan +11-49-6565-61-9524 E-mail
Central Library Exterior Window Cleaning SPL-2016 WA Details 8/31/2016 David Stubblefield 206.684.0452 E-mail
Moisture Intrusion Remediation--NH State Library DPW Project No. 80899, Contract B NH Details 8/31/2016 Keith Hemingway E-mail
General Banking and Merchant Services for Library Systems AR 9/2/2016 Jackie Patel  501.918.3039 E-mail
Library Fundraising Study IL Details 9/2/2016 Angela Campbell E-mail
Exhibition Coordinator Services 44-013 CA Details 10/18/2016 Robert Morales 213.228.7462 E-mail