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July 11, 2016
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Architectural Services for an Addition & Renovations - Grafton Public Library MA Details 7/15/2016 Beth Gallaway, Library Director E-mail
NEW Schematic Design and Construction of  a New Main Library Building and Grounds BD-16-1351-WEY01-WEY01-00000008973 MA Details 7/20/2016 Adele Cullinane 781.682.3843 E-mail
NEW Library Facilities Master Plan CO 7/22/2016 Jeff Barnes, Project Manager 970.221.6674 E-mail
NEW Request for Pre-Qualification for Design/Build Entities for the Public Library Facility Project CA Details 7/27/2016 Jonathan Hoy 760.398.2502, ext 134 E-mail
Public Library Space Survey and Planning Framework
RFR 17-101 MA Details 8/2/2016 Deborah Roth 617.725.1860, ext 241 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Automated Materials Handling System COL-16-142 AB Details 7/19/2016 Tanya Johnson E-mail
NEW Integrated Library System 16-035-IDS-001 WA 7/19/2016 Steve Hoglund 360.293.1900 E-mail
Integrated Library System BUZ1616 TX 7/21/2016 Kent Brown 214.670.3391
NEW Air Force-Wide Integrated Library Management System IL Details 8/8/2016 Ana Fife 618.256.9110 E-mail
Integrated Library System RFP 15-437 VA Details 8/11/2016 Michelle Miller E-mail
Inventory Control System for a High Density Storage Facility for the Library Service Center for OU Libraries R-17054-17 OK Details 7/21/2016 Mark Keesee, Acquisitions Manager 405.325.8519 E-mail
Automated Materials Handling System #LIBRARYBID1102 CA Details 7/22/2016 Jarrid Keller E-mail
NEW Next Generation Library Management Solution VCCS-ASR-RFI-17-117 VA 8/2/2016 Michele Skaggs, VCCS Assistant Director of Procurement 804.819.4965  E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW Hardcover Book Leasing Services 323117 SC Details 7/15/2016 Denise Hinojosa 843.963.4502 E-mail
NEW Publications, Audiovisual Materials, Books and Textbooks 71500 VA Details 7/19/2016 Heather Medina 757.591.4525 E-mail
Statewide Contract for Books SW16012 OK Details 7/19/2016 Gerald Elrod 405.522.1037 E-mail
Print Periodicals and Continuations Subscription Services 7337 CA Details 7/21/2016 Martha Trevejo 858.505.6527 E-mail
Sale of Used/Surplus Books 16CM-173-001 MD 7/28/2016 Priscilla Jones 410.222.5167 E-mail
Books and Library Publications Acquisition Services LCFDL16R0002 DC Details 8/1/2016 Janice A. Aiken 202.707.0462 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Public Library HVAC Replacement Project NJ Details 7/14/2016 Michael LaPilusa E-mail
NEW Hickman High Media Center Lighting Upgrade 17/33 MO Details 7/19/2016 Lisa Ozanich, Assistat Purchasing Agent 573.214.3770 E-mail
NEW Main Building Library Roof FY17-001 WV Details 7/20/2016 Jeannine Ratliff, Chief Purchasing Officer 304.424.8000, ext 262 E-mail
Burritt Library Media Center 2017-07 CT Details 7/14/2016 Thomas Brodeur, Director of Purchasing 860.832.2531 E-mail
NEW Library Branch Exterior Restoration  16-
LA Details 7/19/2016 Stephen Long 225.389.4694 E-mail
West End Branch Library Addition, Renovation, and IT Upgrades Project J160025814 VA Details 7/19/2016 Oscar Knott 804.646.7499 E-mail
South Caroliniana Library Renovations H27-6119-LC SC Details 7/20/2016 Lind Jackson 803.777.3489
Howard County Library System East Columbia Branch Renovation 2017-03 MD Details 7/20/2016 Robin Fewell 410.313.6372 E-mail
Apple Valley Library Roof Reconstruction ANE216-ANE2C-1986 CA Details 7/21/2016 Gregg Halladay 909.838.4016 E-mail
New Concordia Parish Library, Clayton Branch LA 7/22/2016 Justin Wendt 225.925.2663
Sealed Bids for HVAC Service - Hastings Public Library MI Details 7/22/2016 Laura Ortiz, Library Director 269.945.4263 E-mail
NEW Nan Boothby Memorial Library Parking Lot Expansion NBL-Parking-2016 AB Details 7/25/2016 Greg Barsi 403.851.2566 E-mail
Library Upgrade 16-17173D NY 7/25/2016 L. Muniz 718.752.5869 E-mail
Digital Telephone System, Anderson County Library SC Details 7/25/2016 Faith Line 864.260.4500, ext 102 E-mail
City-Wide Library Security Camera System Improvements 04-2016-015 IA Details 7/26/2016 Mark Hutchens, Project Manager 515.283.4045 E-mail
NEW Columbia County Library Reroof 2016-O FL Details 7/28/2016 Ray Hill 386.719.2028 E-mail
Holmen Public Library Quest Project #4553704 WI Details 7/28/2016 Carter Arndt 608.355.8884 E-mail
NEW Library Boiler Removal and Replacement G00116 VA Details 7/29/2016 Timothy C. Powell, Facility Services/Refuse Superintendent 540.332.3882 E-mail
KO855 Kokomo Library - Roof Replacement IU 20151885 IN Details 8/2/2016 Tina Griffith 812.855.7106 E-mail
NEW Parking Lot Expansion Nanaimo Public Library   0704NN-2016 BC Details 8/3/2016 Elisa Balderson 250.729.2307 E-mail
NEW Auxiliary Parking Lot & Site Improvements IL Details 8/4/2016 847.259.3500
NEW Fant Library Renovation - Phase III (Build Out) 104-184 MS Details 8/4/2016 Glen Kornbrek E-mail
Deltona Library Lyonia Environmental Center (LEC) Entrance Modifications 16-B-151JD FL Details 8/4/2016 Jennifer Ditslear 386.626.6627 E-mail
NEW Boiler Replacement 511-113 MS Details 8/9/2016 Glen Kornbrek E-mail
BAS Upgrades - Franklin, Hosmer, North Regional and Northeast Libraries  30339 MN Details 8/9/2016 John Helgeson 651.636.9811
Equipment & Supplies
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Alief Independent School Library Supplies 1638 TX 7/14/2016 Adam Tabor 281.988.3188 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Platteville Public Library – Furnishings 130328-03 WI Details 7/19/2016 Laura Frydach 414.359.3060 E-mail
NEW Media Center Furniture for Sweetwater Elementary School 17-002 GA Details 7/20/2016 Jana Flanigan 770.651.2383 E-mail
Library Furniture 50014-3120 LA Details 7/27/2016 Marvin Manuel, Director of Purchasing E-mail
NEW Library Furniture - Aviano Air Base FA5682-16-Q-5014  Italy Details 8/8/2016 Byron Burton E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Library of Congress - Library Wide Carpet Cleaning LCISS16R0030 DC Details 7/14/2016 Zaneta C. Watson, Contract Specialist 202.707.7696 E-mail
Spectralogic Tape Library Maintenance UE17-06-43 IL Details 7/14/2016 Sandy Robinson, Purchasing Agent 217.789.2191,  ext 6234 E-mail
NEW Library Consulting Services - Northern Michigan University 7149 MI 7/15/2016 Eric Knauss 906.227.2360 E-mail
NEW Public Library Needs Assessment of Services and Programmatic Facility Design 1670 OR Details 7/18/2016 Jayne McMahan 541.726.3708 E-mail
Strategic Planning - Addison Public Library IL Details 7/18/2016 Mary Medjo Me Zengue, Director E-mail
Category 2 E-Rate Services for Rio Rancho Public Schools and
Libraries Consortium
RFP#2016-015-IT NM Details 7/20/2016 Tom Weeks, Chief Procurement Officer 505.962.1143 E-mail
Bond Counsel Services - Phase II Library Referendum Bonds 16RFP062716K-DJ GA Details 7/20/2016 Donna Jenkins 404.612.4213 E-mail
Picture Book Selection and Presentation for Storytimes RFQ231LD16011 MO Details 7/22/2016 Sherry Rowden 573.751.3964 E-mail
NEW Materials Recovery Services for the Scottsdale Public Library 16RP036 AZ Details 7/26/2016 John Snow 480.312.5716 E-mail
NEW Signal Hill Library Demolition Project 118 CA Details 7/28/2016 Paul Buckley 714.527.7400 E-mail
NEW Update the Police, Fire, Library, and Recreation Impact Fee Studies FL Details 8/2/2016 Kelly Jenkins, City Engineer FAX: 850.233.5116 E-mail
Details Updated Digitization of Books - Library of Congress LCFDL16RFP005 DC Details 8/5/2016 Vanessa Fox 202.707.0405 E-mail
Details Updated Digitization of Rare Books - Library of Congress LCFDL16RFP006 DC Details 8/5/2016 Vanessa Fox 202.707.0405 E-mail
NEW Move School Law Library into the New Building USC-RFP-2999-CS SC Details 8/11/2016 Caleisha Stuckey 803.777.4115    
Janitorial Services for Nevada State Library and Archives 3256 NV Details 8/11/2016 Marcy Troescher, Purchasing Officer 775.684.0199 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW Library Shelving 9447004-17 NB Details 7/20/2016 Matthew Fleming 506.453.7477 E-mail
Library Shelving Reconfiguration PW16-1 CA Details 7/20/2016 A.  Gail Dungan 707.826.3307, ext 3512 E-mail
Shelving - Library of Congress LCISS16R0018 DC Details 7/22/2016 Moji Adejuwon,
Contract Specialist
202.707.0400 E-mail
NEW High Bay Shelving 2716-16-5612 NE Details 7/28/2016 Dustin Kotik 402.472.2126 E-mail