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May 15, 2017
Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
  Architectural Services for the South Oxnard Library   CA Details 5/18/2017 Patricia Garcia, Buyer 805.385.7538 E-mail
  Architectural Services, Town of Trumbull Library 6238 CT Details 5/18/2017 Kevin Bova, Purchasing Agent 203.452.5219 E-mail
  Moffett Library Renovation 735-17-6199 TX Details 5/25/2017 Stephen Shelley, Director of Purchasing/Contract Management 940.397.4110 E-mail
  Architectural Services for the bury Public Library   NH Details 5/25/2017     E-mail
  Main Library Renovations   OH Details 6/1/2017 Michelle Ramsell, Director    
NEW RFQ for A/E Services - Albert B. Alkek Library Learning Commons 758-17-09069 TX Details 6/8/2017 Karlie Beach   E-mail
Library Facilities Master Planning Consultant or Consultants 44-017 CA Details 8/25/2017 Robert Morales 213.228.7462 E-mail
  Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Integrated Library System for NLS Reference Section LCNLS17Q0020 DC Details 5/18/2017 Timoth Ott 202.707.0842 E-mail
Digital Automation System for Library Services 17-28-896 TX Details 5/18/2017 Terry Martella   E-mail
  RFID Tracking System for Help Desk W911S6-17-Q-0099 UT Details 5/18/2017 Paul Frailey, Contracting Officer 435.831.2587 E-mail
Customer Engagement Tool & Website Redesign   SC Details 5/23/2017 Finance Office   E-mail
NEW Library Book Vending Machine 17102 TX   6/1/2017 Robert Myers, Purchasing Manager 972.237.8271  
  Library Radio Frequency Identification Circulation and Security Equipment and Automated Material Handling Systems 525-410-17 CA Details 6/5/2017 Karen Poole, Buyer 707.784.6321 E-mail
Integrated Library System 60-17 NH Details 6/14/2017 Steve Butzel, Library Director   E-mail
  Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW RFB for Library Start-Up Collections RFB-P-MAY1717-22 MO Details 5/17/2017 Carol Harvey, Director of Purchasing 636.327.3800, ext. 20346 E-mail
Newspaper Subscriptions for Various Library Locations 7601A MA Details 5/18/2017 Amy Witts, Purchasing Agent 617.349.4310  
  Library Books, Spoken Word, DVDs & Digial Media 2017201 AZ Details 5/18/2017 Evan Karl 480.644.2356 E-mail
  Large Print Library Books 2017204 AZ Details 5/18/2017 Evan Karl 480.644.2356 E-mail
  Library Media Materials 2017205 AZ Details 5/18/2017 Evan Karl 480.644.2356 E-mail
St. Bernard Parish School Board - Library Books 1705-008 LA Details 5/22/2017 Laura Carlin 504.301.2000 E-mail
  Provide Web-based Digital Products or Services to Libraries and Their Users Throughout the State of Oklahoma 4300000023 OK Details 5/25/2017 Cini Zacharia   E-mail
NEW Language Learning Database SPLBID1114 CA Details 5/26/2017 Nina Biddle, Collection Services Manager 916.264.2866 E-mail
Access to Full-text Multidisciplinary Databases for the Tennessee Electronic Library 30501-01218 TN Details 5/31/2017 Renee Register, Director, Library Technical Services 615.253.3462 E-mail
Library Books / Periodicals / Related Publishing Services 1718-015-2022 TX Details 5/31/2017 Connie Self, Purchasing Coordinator 817.367.5305 E-mail
NEW Ebooks, Eaudiobooks RFB 16-17-32 CA   6/5/2017 Purchasing 408.535.7050  
NEW Shreve Memorial Library Juvenile Books IFB 17-065 - 2017 LA   6/6/2017 Peggy Evans, Acquisitions Supervisor 318.226.5876 E-mail
NEW Instructional Materials (Books, e-Books, Textbooks, and Periodicals 1721 TX Details 6/16/2017 Bianca Bell 281.498.8110 E-mail
  Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
East Delavan Library Library Expansion and ADA Improvements 1609 NY Details 5/18/2017 Clark Patterson Lee 716.852.2100, ext. 1325  
  Sandpoint Library Expansion   ID   5/18/2017   509.747.2964 E-mail
NEW Brentwood Library Flooring CF-0161-17 FL Details 5/19/2017 Marilyn Laidler 904.255.8804 E-mail
  Library Upgrades 17-17581D NY   5/19/2017 Lisa Muniz 718.752.5869 E-mail
` General Construction Services for Yale Community Library   WA Details 5/22/2017 Jay McCuistion 360.906.4945  
Academic Success Center at DH Hill Library   NC Details 5/23/2017 Chris Johnson 919.513.0270 E-mail
  Campbell Library Special Collections Renovations 17-83 NJ Details 5/25/2017 Christine Brasteter, Senior Director of Contracting and Procurement 856.256.4171 E-mail
  City of Signal Hill Public Library   CA Details 5/25/2017 Grissel Chavez, Deputy Director of Public Works 562.989.7251 E-mail
  Hancock Library Construction PUR-1244 MD Details 5/31/2017 Rachael McCarty, Buyer 240.313.2330 E-mail
NEW New Lake Villa District Library   IL   6/1/2017 Cross Rhodes Repro 630.963.4700  
NEW Library Renovation 180001 PA   6/1/2017 Business Office 717.652.3170, ext. 7444  
Remodel of Lower Level and Service Points Throughout the Library   IN   6/2/2017 Sherry Jeffers   E-mail
NEW RFQ for CM@R Services - Albert B. Alkek Library Learning Commons 758-17-09070 TX Details 6/8/2017 Karlie Beach   E-mail
NEW Fayetteville Public Library Expansion RFQ 17-12 AR Details 6/21/2017 Les McGaugh 479.575.8289 E-mail
  Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW 3M Radio Frequency Identification Tags 6100008810 GDL A/C TX   5/24/2017 Purchasing 210.207.5734 E-mail
Bar Code Labels and RFID Tags 2017-03 MD Details 5/30/2017 James Cooke, Purchasing Agent 410.887.6122 E-mail
  Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW Buchanan High School Library Furniture 2698 CA Details 5/25/2017 Cheryl Loyko, Lead Buyer 559.327.9477  
NEW Furnish and Install Furniture for Library Renovation 222328 TX Details 5/30/2017 Patty Winkler 979.845.4556 E-mail
  Library Furniture and Installation 50014-3128 LA   5/30/2017 Marilyn Manuel 504.286.5020 E-mail
  Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
  Fort Vancouver Regional Library Compensation Study   WA Details 5/19/2017 Lee Strehlow   E-mail
Tom Reid Library Book Relocation 17-19 TX Details 5/23/2017 Natasha Stulberg 979.864.1677 E-mail
  Moving Services for the Wisconsin Historical Society Library, Archives, and Museum Collections HS180723 WI Details 6/1/2017 Amy Schroeder 608.266.0462  
  Request for Proposals to Retain a Fundraising Consultant   MA   6/1/2017 Christopher Lindquist, Library Director 508.393.5025, ext. 29 E-mail
NEW Library Movers MDD4031032989 MD Details 6/7/2017 Mary Louise deSarran 410.697.9546 E-mail
NEW Collection Management Services (Library) AG-32SB-S-17-0042 MD Details 6/15/2017 Megan Robey, Contracting Officer 301.504.3989 E-mail