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April 10, 2017
New   Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW Solicitation for Qualifications: Wasatch County Library Story Room Expansion, UT Details Not specified Quinn Davis E-mail
Statement of Qualifications and Proposal to Provide Facility Planning Services for the Paso Robles City Library CA Details 4/17/2017 Angelica Fortin 805.227.7539 E-mail
Hall County Library System (HCLS) Professional Architectural Spatial Planning and Design Services 37-010 GA Details 4/18/2017 Debra Howington, Buyer or Tim Sims, Purchasing Manager Debra: 770.535.8263; Tim: 770.535.8270 E-mail
Imig Music Library Remodel 2017000225 CO Details 4/25/2017 Margaret Chiu 303.866.6191 E-mail
NEW EOI Consulting Services to Conduct Feasibility Study and Concept Design Services for Steveston Community Centre & Library 5938EOI BC Details 4/28/2017 Sharon Bentley, Buyer II 604.276.4000 E-mail
Architectural Services for Fayetteville Public Library Expansion 17-10 AR Details 5/3/2017 Les McGaugh 479.575.8289 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW Integrated Library System RFP #17-03312 AR 4/13/2017 Richard Theilig, Associate Director E-mail
Integrated Website, Discovery, Content Management, and Library Catalog Solution 17/0075 TX Details 4/17/2017 Alfonso Saldivar 713.274.4432 E-mail
RFID and Self-Serve Technology Systems & Software CA Details 4/20/2017 Cary Ann Siegfried, Director of Libraries and Community Services 817.758.7391 E-mail
Danbury Public Library – Managed Wi-Fi Solution 03-16-17-06  CT Details 4/20/2017 Frank Gentile, Manager of Information Technology E-mail
NEW Library Event Management and Room Booking System 2017010006 BC Details 4/24/2017 Gerald Rarama 604.822.2470 E-mail
NEW Integrated Library Resource Management Software Services RFP#2017-012-LIB NM Details 4/27/2017 Tom Weeks, Chief Procurement Officer 505.962.1143 E-mail
NEW Ajax Library ~ Radio Frequency Identification System P17008  ON Details 5/1/2017 Lynda Lewis, Buyer 905.619.2529 E-mail
NEW Integrated Library System OR Details 5/12/2017 Lynne Mildenstein, Assistant Director E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Classroom Level Library Books IFB 2927 VA Details 4/14/2017 Eric Thornton, Purchasing E-mail
Subscription Services for Library W91ZLK-17-T-0053 MD Details 4/10/2017 Amy DuBree 443.861.4743 E-mail
NEW Books and Audio Visual Equipment 17-24-PL (F) NC Details 4/17/2017 Catherine Rudelich E-mail
NEW Library Collections for Six (6) Schools, Seattle Public Schools #SPS35 WA Details 4/21/2017 206.252.0569 E-mail
NEW Books, Textbooks, Library Materials and Related Services RFB 217-76  NY 5/3/2017 Sean Joyce 315.341.8584 E-mail
Physical Materials Purchasing and Related Vendor Services WA 5/4/2017 Samantha Everett 425.369.3200
NEW Library Books & Supplies   LIB1718 TX 5/11/2017 Purchasing Cooperative Dept. 903.988.6859 E-mail
Library Books / Periodicals / Related Publishing Services 1718-015-2022 TX Details 5/31/2017 Connie Self, Purchasing Coordinator 817.367.5305 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Prequalification of Firms for Provision of Construction Services for the Modernization of Central Library 17-172-RFQ VA Details 4/18/2017 Shawn Brooks, Procurement Officer 703.228.3406 E-mail
Central Library Entry Door Replacement 4599A7 MN Details 4/19/2017 Brian Sotak-Rossman E-mail
NEW Harwinton Library Construction CT 4/19/2017 J.A. Rosa Construction 203.879.3495
Library Addition and Renovation Project BD-16-1560-TABO1-3WASH-13903 MA Details 4/20/2017 Kevin J. Mizikar 508.892.7000 E-mail
Milner Library - Brick Façade Repair CC160101 IL Details 4/21/2017 Corey Leslie, Purchasing Office 309.438.1945 E-mail
NEW Gloversville Public Library - Additions and Renovations BRM #103321 GPL NY 4/24/2017 Lisa Hayes, Project Architect E-mail
NEW Missouri City Branch Library Expansion and Renovation R17-058 TX Details 4/25/2017 Norma Weaver E-mail
Library Façade Renovation Project  ITB-FV01-17-0-2017/LF WI Details 4/25/2017 Laura Forbes, Purchasing Manager 920.232.3427
Expansion to Lyons Public Library NY Details 4/25/2017
Library Parking Lot Expansion 2017-3-59  TX Details 4/26/2017 Debra Morris, Purchasing Manager 214.509.4630 E-mail
Salem Church Library Roof Replacement 17-28-DB VA Details 4/27/2017 Donna Beasley 540.507.7586 E-mail
NEW Huntington Public Library Building Upgrades NY 5/4/2017 877.272.0216
NEW Nora Navra Library 2285-02177 LA Details 5/9/2017 Bernice Ealy E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Yearly Contract for Instructional, Library, Office Materials & Supplies for 2017-2018 School Year 18-01 TN Details 4/18/2017
NEW Library & School Supplies T-0114 NJ Details 4/19/2017 Jawad Karamali 609.292.9919 E-mail
Library Security System Replacements at Various Facilities MDMPS31032125 MD Details 4/19/2017 Laurie Checco E-mail
NEW Two New Bookmobiles WA Details 4/21/2017 Sam Wallin 360.906.5013 E-mail
Replace/Retrofit Fixtures with Energy Efficient Lighting- LED (at four city libraries) B50004944 MD Details 4/26/2017 Deborah Finnerty 410.396.5702
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Furniture - Cafeteria, Dormitory, Library, Lounge, Modular Office, School Furniture, Seating, Wood Desks and Wood Credenzas 3130000499 MS Details 4/17/2017
Library Furninshings 8352 BC Details 4/19/2017 Nicole Pawlak, Library Director 250.342.6416 E-mail
NEW Library Media Center Furniture CT Details 4/21/2017 Robert Sirpenski 860.642.3555 E-mail
Furniture for Edina Library HNCTY-CFB0000046 MN Details 4/25/2017 Abby Malkerson E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Lawn Maintenance and Landscape Services for Libraries 17-1352-3LC VA Details 4/18/2017 Leisel Collins, Procurement Analyst E-mail
NEW Financial Auditing Services, Administration Office L-17-01  MD Details 4/21/2017 E-mail
Relocation of Ridgedale Library Collection HNCTY-NFB0000038 MN Details 4/25/2017 Abby Malkerson E-mail
NEW Library Binding and Conservation Services Bid #1APG1702 IL Details 5/2/2017 Andrew Gabel 217.300.6546
Janitorial for Trona Branch Library 65 CA Details 5/3/2017 Jennifer Miller 909.387.2261 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW Library Shelving for Ben Steele Middle School MT 4/18/2017 Shelly Engels 509.838.8681