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March 13, 2017
New   Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Integrated Library System NJ Details 3/16/2017 Brian Morgan 908.707.8324 E-mail
Architectural - Engineering Services New Main Library, Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County NC NC Details 3/20/2017 Bryan Turner, Senior Project Manager Fax: 704.432.0633 E-mail
2017 Main Library Back Up  Generator Engineering Services 17-19 IL Details 3/21/2017 Linda Thomas, Purchasing Specialist; cc: John Devaney E-mail
NEW Roof Replacement Designer Services MN Details 3/23/2017 Greg Borchert 507.389.1053 E-mail
NEW Consulting Services Bennett Library Master Plan SFU RFP 2016-LL-116 BC Details 3/28/2017 Lily Li 778.782.4373 E-mail
NEW Architectural & Engineering Services for Public Library 292 VA Details 3/28/2017 Darlene Burton, Purchasing & Contracts Manager 757.787.5710 E-mail
Architectural and Engineering Services - Western Library Addition NC Details 3/29/2017 Eugene Foxworth, Director of General Services 252.728.8545 E-mail
NEW Professional Design Services Seaside Branch Library - ADA Improvements CA Details 4/3/2017 Scott Ottmar E-mail
NEW Architectural and Engineering Services for Student Center & Library Buildings and Athletic Facilities Renovations 17-060 KS Details 4/11/2017 Chris Worthington 913.469.3812 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Integrated Library System RFP 31-17 NH Details 3/17/2017 Doug Ross, Purchasing Manager 603.230.3664 E-mail
NEW Rock Island Library Paper Digitization Project RIPL-ID 03042017 IL Details 3/20/2017 Kellie Kerns E-mail
Library Databases RFP0617282133 IA Details 3/20/2017 Kathy Harper 515.281.3089 E-mail
NEW Supply, Installation and Configuration of an RFID Tagging System, Security Gate System, Self Check Stations and Book Sorting System for the Peterborough Public Library P-02-17 ON Details 3/23/2017
Integrated Library System RFP 2017-009 TX Details 3/23/2017 Victor Venegas 254.750.8098 E-mail
Library System Upgrade RFP 17-03-311-2 TX Details 3/31/2017 Angie Hatchard 972.968.6330 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Library Material Suppliers RFQ 504 VA Details Open Until Contracted Diane Smith, Contracting Officer 571.258.3190; Fax 703.771.5097 E-mail
Opening Day Collection SK Details 3/17/2017 Yvonne Yourkowski  306.683.2874 E-mail
NEW Library Periodicals RFP# 2620-8 TX Details 3/22/2017 Coordinator for Purchasing E-mail
NEW Digital Media Library Subscription RFQ-4503 VA Details 4/7/2017 Nancy Beck, Contracting Officer E-mail
NEW Subscription Services for Library W91ZLK-17-T-0053 MD Details 4/10/2017 Amy DuBree 443.861.4743 E-mail
Physical Materials Purchasing and Related Vendor Services WA 5/4/2017 Samantha Everett 425.369.3200
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Replacement of Pedestrian Bridge at Township Library NJ 3/16/2017 Township Clerk 973.239.1410 E-mail
Fredericton Library Air Conditioning System Upgrade P17-13 NB Details 3/16/2017 Dale Curtis 506.460.2040 E-mail
Sandpoint Branch Library Expansion ID Details 3/16/2017 Kim Homdrom 208.667.9402 E-mail
Park Branch Library Carpeting Project 011117 CA Details 3/16/2017 Trevor Forster, Project Manager E-mail
Pelhamm City Library AL Details 3/16/2017 Linda Petty, Project Manager - Boatner Construction Co., Inc 256.442.3820 E-mail
ESS Library Office Suite PA Details 3/16/2017 215.751.8903 E-mail
A New 20,000 Square Foot Pelham City Library AL 3/16/2017 Alyssa Morley 205.879.4462 E-mail
Downtown Library Building LB 17-01 CA Details 3/17/2017 Susan Nemitz, Library Director 831.427.7700, x7611 E-mail
Construction of Transcona Library 1018-2016 MB Details 3/17/2017 Steff Beernaerts, MAA MRAIC, Project Architect 204.989.8910 E-mail
NEW Automatic Doors, Power-assisted Operators for Doors, and Security Systems for Two Library Buildings AR 3/20/2017 Brad Crumby 501.778.4766, x1081 E-mail
Library Restroom Renovation Project (Re-bid) 253-133 AZ Details 3/20/2017 Hilary Cuenin, Project Management Assistant 928.432.4082 E-mail
NEW Bluford Library
Carpet/Tile Replacement
NC Details 3/21/2017 Garry Pierce 336.285.4970 E-mail
NEW Lighting & Fire Protection Upgrades & Curriculum Library 168615B0010545 MI Details 3/21/2017 Rob West 231.946.1234
Mesa Library HVAC Lighting and Fire Panel Upgrades IFB17-27 NM Details 3/21/2017 Lillie Martinez 505.662.8052 E-mail
Babbidge Library Electrical Upgrade 901995 CT Details 3/21/2017 Walt Dalia, Purchasing Agent
Library Warehouse Elevator Modernization 7520000000 AZ Details 3/21/2017 George Goodale E-mail
Cafeteria/Kitchen Renovation & Library Addition 17001011 TX Details 3/22/2017 George Ayala, Director of Purchasing 210.397.8845
Hempstead County Library AK Details 3/22/2017 Jerry Pruden, Chairman
NEW Main Library Garage Door Entry 7492 MA Details 3/23/2017 Amy Witts, Purchasing Agent E-mail
NEW Roof Coating at Main Library RFB 167-32 CA Details 3/23/2017 Corina Perez 714.744.5549 E-mail
Roofing Installation Services for the Louisa County Library GS-17-10 VA Details 3/23/2017 Sam Massie 540.967.3404 E-mail
Lodi Public Library Teen Scene Project CA Details 3/23/2017 Gary Wiman 209.333.6706 E-mail
Camarillo Public Library Young Adults Area Interior Remodel LB-14-01 CA Details 3/23/2017
Norman Public Library Central OK Details 3/23/2017 Terry Floyd 405.366.5446 E-mail
Council Bluffs Library Flooring Replacement Project FY17-32 IA Details 3/24/2017
Library Plaza Renovation 17-040 TX Details 3/27/2017 Karen Gross, Manager of Supplier Diversity Programs/HUB Program Coordinator 281.338.8053 E-mail
BBP & BBE New Library, Classrooms & Renovation LA Details 3/28/2017 337.332.2105
Fine Arts Library Renovation/Project B: Remove/Create New 3rd Floor Service Desk 17CSP009/17CSP010  TX Details 3/28/2017 Cynthia Rangel E-mail
NEW Closed Circuit Cooler Replacement J. Fred Johnson Library  TN Details 3/28/2017
NEW WDM Public Library Flat Roof & Gutter Replacement 0510-015-2016 IA Details 3/29/2017
NEW PreCast Stair Installation at the South End Branch Library  CPS17-17 ON Details 3/29/2017  Leigh Lesar, Purchasing Coordinator 705.674.4455, x2500 E-mail
NEW S.F. Community School Library & Office Building Prefabricated Modular Building 11836 CA Details 3/29/2017 Simon Reyes 415.241.4311 E-mail
NEW Interior Painting - Edgerton Public Library WI Details 3/30/2017 Kirsten Almo, Library Director 608.884.4511 E-mail
NEW Library Boiler Replacement Project 17-02PW AK Details 4/4/2017 Chris Nall, Public Works Director 907.761.1350
NEW Springfield Library Exterior Renovations 17-112 MA Details 4/4/2017 Theo Theocles 413.784.4898 E-mail
NEW Lilly Library - Fire Alarm System Replacement IU 20141236 IN Details 4/4/2017
NEW Renovations to the Fred J. Taylor Library & Technology Center AR Details 4/4/2017 Ashley Fiant 501.224.3055 E-mail
NEW Davis Library Life Safety Upgrades 13-10996-02A NC Details 4/4/2017 Tim Hoke 919.383.7426 E-mail
Renovation of NSHS Library 44173 VA Details 4/4/2017 Jacqui Mejeur 540.658.6540 E-mail
NEW HVAC Renovation to the Florence Library Branch KY Details 4/7/2017 Timothy Fritz, BCPL Facilities Manager 859.292.3381
NEW 2017 North Branch Library Interior / Exterior Upgrade  17-18 IL Details 4/11/2017 Linda Thomas, Purchasing Specialist; cc: John Devaney E-mail
NEW Install Emergency Generator, Murphy Library Data Center, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse 16J1I WI Details 4/12/2017 Doug Pearson 608.758.8019
NEW Partial Roof Replacement, Davee Library, University of Wisconsin - River Falls 15J2D WI Details 4/13/2017
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
20,000 Title Hold Sticky Note Pads RFQ2017-08  MD Details 3/20/2017 Matthew Smith, Purchasing Department 410.887.6154 E-mail
Materials and Installation of Mitsubishi Ductless Split Air Conditioners in the Willett Elementary School Library MA 3/22/2017 Jeffrey Brousseau 508.226.1169
Michigan Library and Historical Center - Upgrade Forum AV Equipment  307117B0010471  MI Details 3/22/2017 Logan Matthews
NEW HVAC Maintenance: Trane Chillers and Related Equipment at Newton Main Library 17-81 MA Details 3/23/2017 Chief Procurement Officer Fax: 617.796.1227 E-mail
Mobile Technology Vehicle for Durham County Library IFB 17-025 NC Details 3/23/2017 Rishanda Fowler, Procurement Specialist 919.560.0041
Supply and Installation of Audio Visual Systems at the Civic Centre Resource Library and Pierre Berton Resource Library T17-061 ON Details 3/27/2017 Elizabeth Carter, Procurement Analyst 905.832.8555, x8678 E-mail
NEW Groton Public Library - LED Television Studio Lighting 17-21 CT Details 3/30/2017 Purchasing Division E-mail
NEW Replace/Retrofit Fixtures with Energy Efficient Lighting- LED (at four city libraries) B50004944 MD Details 4/26/2017 Deborah Finnerty 410.396.5702
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW Supply and Installation of New Furniture and Shelving for the Peterborough Public Library Renovation T-10-17 ON Details 3/23/2017
NEW Supply of Tablet Arm Chair, Task Seating and Classroom Chairs, Killam Library DAL2017-042 NS Details 3/24/2017 Monty Thibeault
NEW New Furniture for the Fred J. Taylor Library & Technology Center AR Details 4/4/2017 Ashley Fiant 501.224.3055 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Illinois Library Delivery Consulting IL Details 3/17/2017 Mark Hatch, Delivery & Facilities Director E-mail
Puyallup Library Festival of Books Event Coordination RFQ 2017 WA Details 3/20/2017 Brenda Fritsvold 253.770.3370 E-mail
Library Café RFP 17-81 IA Details 3/21/2017 Cindy Whitaker, Senior Buyer 563.888.2267 E-mail
NEW Unarmed Security Services - Wall Street Building & Main Library 2017-014 WA 3/22/2017 Clark Langstraat 425.257.8840 E-mail
Janitorial Services for the Sterling Library RFQ 567 VA Details 3/23/2017 Beth A. Cioni, Contracting Officer 703.771.5534 E-mail
Construction Management / General Contracting Services for the Hope Place Library Services Facility for the County of Volusia, Florida RSQ no. 17-SQ-77SR; C-1617 FL Details 3/23/2017 Shaira D. Resto, Procurement/Contracts Manager  386.822.5771 E-mail
Book Binding Services  031317B0010541  MI Details 3/23/2017 Ruth Thole 517.373.3823 E-mail
Installation & Operation of Internet Connectivity Services MI Details 3/24/2017 Terry Cross, Business Manager 616.559.4329 E-mail
IdeaLab at the AASL 18th National Conference & Exhibition AZ Details 3/24/2017 800.545.2433, x4382 E-mail
NEW Custodial Services for Solano County Libraries CA Details 3/29/2017 JoAnn Epperson, Buyer 707.784.6322 E-mail
NEW Legal Services for Williamsburg Regional Library 17-001 VA Details 3/30/2017 Patricia Walker 757.259.4048 E-mail
Library Stacks Cleaning Services 72
NC Details 3/30/2017 Carol Page, Purchasing Specialist 910.962.3190 E-mail
NEW Refuse Removal Detroit Public Library 15992-17 MI Details 3/31/2017 Michael Rangos 313.481.1325 E-mail
NEW Cleaning of the Library Building IL 3/31/2017 Christine Lazaris, Library Director 630.232.0787 E-mail
NEW Library Patron Crisis Intervention Services 4000005442 OR Details 4/3/2017 Gerald Jelusich 503.988.7542 E-mail
Cleaning Services to the Vernon Area Pubic Library District IL Details 4/3/2017 Cynthia Fuerst, Library Director
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW Rowland Heights Library Shelving RFB-IS-17200977 CA Details 3/22/2017 Denisha Millsap 323.267.2331 E-mail
NEW Supply and Installation of New Furniture and Shelving for the Peterborough Public Library Renovation T-10-17 ON Details 3/23/2017