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February 6, 2017
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
RFP for Professional Consulting Services for Future Directions - Master Plans for Parks and Natural Areas, Recreation, Mississauga Library System FA.49.002-17 ON Details 2/14/2017 Irene Kiourdi 905.615.3200, x.3268 E-mail
Design: Library & Power Mechanics Bldg. Restroom Renovations 130-WTCC9152C NC Details 2/16/2017 Garion Bunn 919.866.5820 E-mail
NEW Design Services for Rodney A. Briggs Library - University of Minnesota Morris 17-02 MN Details 2/21/2017 Amanda Aspenson E-mail
Architectural Services for Cromwell  Belden Public Library CT Details 2/24/2017 Jon Harriman, P.E., Town Engineer 860.632.3465 E-mail
NEW Architectural Consultants for the International District Library Facility Located at 7715 Central Ave. NE 7225.94 NM Details 3/1/2017 Steve James, Director of Municipal Development 505.768.3857
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Colocation Services MO Details 2/15/2017 Gib Van Cleve, Assistant Director of ITS E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Library Material Suppliers RFQ 504 VA Details Open Until Contracted Diane Smith, Contracting Officer 571.258.3190; Fax 703.771.5097 E-mail
NEW Library Materials T0217LIB SK Details 2/13/2017 Carie Stockbrugger 306.791.7215 E-mail
Library Books & Related Value Added Services P17/9956 AZ Details 2/13/2017 Philip Quintanilla, Senior Buyer E-mail
Media Services UTA17-6820BLH TX Details 2/14/2017 Laura Hopkins 817.272.6751 E-mail
Library Books and Media Including Cataloging & Processing Services 785-17-115  TX Details 2/16/2017 Kim Chappius 512.464.6952 E-mail
NEW Serials Subscriptions Services UofSRFP16-3668 SK Details 2/17/2017 Michelle Johnson 306.966.6715 E-mail
Primary Materials Vendor OR Details 2/21/2017 Emily O'Neal 541.617.7061 E-mail
NEW Miscellaneous Reading Materials, Magazine, Library Books & Other Resources MRML17CH TX Details 2/23/2017 Cassandra Holmes, Buyer 512.570.0614 E-mail
NEW State College of Florida, Audio Video Equipment for the New Library & Learning Center IFB-FAC2017-41 FL Details 3/1/2017 Chris Lepper, Senior Project Manager 941.752.5246 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Furnish, Deliver & Install Carpet 201700059 NC Details 2/9/2017 David O'Neal, Strategic Sourcing Specialist 919.807.4534 E-mail
Delano High School Library/Classroom Reroof CA 2/9/2017 Ordiz-Melby Architects 661.832.5258
Removal and Replacement of Library Marquees KY Details 2/9/2017 Jerry Fields, Facilities Specialist 859.653.3745 E-mail
Park Branch Library Interior Painting Project 010517 CA Details 2/10/2017 Trevor Forster, Project Manager E-mail
Gee Library Access Services Renovations PR647 TX Details 2/10/2017 Terry Goen 903.468.8759 E-mail
William P. Faust Library - General Contractor RFQ 0119 MI Details 2/10/2017 Ahmed Beasley E-mail
Bailey Library Renovation UP-401 PA Details 2/10/2017 Jim Revesz, Director of Contracts 724.738.2255
Alicia Ashman Library Roof Replacement 7884 WI Details 2/10/2017
Library Maintenance Support Center Remodel & Addition 10001 WI Details 2/10/2017
Suzzallo Library Starbucks Café  204957 WA Details 2/14/2017 Brian Jones 206.323.9932
NEW Replacement of Air Handler Unit at Manross Memorial Library 2C17-081 CT Details 2/15/2017 Roger D. Rousseau, Purchasing Agent 860.584.6195 E-mail
NEW Innovation Hub in Ross Pendergraft Library B017011 AR Details 2/15/2017 ATU Procurement Department Fax: 479.968.0633 E-mail
NEW Lighting Upgrade IL Details 2/16/2017 Amy Byers, Library Director 217.483.2713 E-mail
NEW Cunningham Library Exterior Wall Repairs Bid B0025119 IN Details 2/16/2017 Bryan Wilson, Arsee Engineers 307.594.5152 E-mail
Tom Reid Library Expansion 1117-08 TX Details 2/16/2017 Tiffany Johnson 281.652.1756 E-mail
Norman Public Library East 1617-38 OK Details 2/16/2017 Ian Ford E-mail
Gyte Building and Student Union Library Building Classroom and Corridor Renovation Phase II - 2017 PID#00015741 IN Details 2/16/2017 Scholer Corporation 765.474.1478
NEW Roslyn City Hall, Library and Community Center Renovation - Phase 2 - East Exterior, City of Roslyn ROS1 WA Details 2/17/2017 City of Roslyn 509.649.3105 E-mail
NEW BL209 Wells Library, East Tower 9th Floor – Fine Arts Floor Renovation
Indiana University Bloomington
IU 20163673 IN Details 2/17/2017 Rhonda Deckard
Kalihi-Palama Public Library - Exterior Repairs and Painting L3100946 HI 2/17/2017 Sonia Mejes 808.586.3697 E-mail
Kailua Public Library - Exterior Repairs and Painting L3100945 HI 2/17/2017 Sonia Mejes 808.586.3697 E-mail
Construction Management Services AR Details 2/17/2017 Kristie Drymon 479.839.2342 E-mail
Public Library & Public Safety Complex HVAC Replacement Project 17-203 FL Details 2/17/2017 Hirut Darge, Purchasing Agent 561.586.1651 E-mail
NEW Perry County Public Library - Children's Library Flooring Replacement KY Details 2/20/2017 Jeffrey Pearson 859.233.1213 E-mail
NEW Air Conditioning Units for North Miami Public Library & Museum of Contemporary Art 11/16/2017 FL Details 2/21/2017 Heylicken Espinoza, Buyer 305.895.9886 E-mail
NEW Hurricane Shutters Installation City Hall & Library 872-17-1 FL Details 2/21/2017 Dean Mealy, II, City Purchasing Director E-mail
NEW Replace Humidification and DHW Systems - Milne Library at SUNY Oneonta 091003-00  NY Details 2/21/2017 Dataflow - Rochester 585.271.5730 E-mail
Lexington County Main Library Lower Level Renovation 2017-IFB-50 SC Details 2/21/2017 Kay Keisler 803.785.8166 E-mail
HVAC Replacement Services at Central Library 17-136-ITB VA Details 2/21/2017 Shawn Brooks 703.228.3407 E-mail
NEW Burlington Public Library Additions and Renovations CT Details 2/23/2017 Jeffrey Anderson, Assistant Director of Operations E-mail
NEW Construction of Worcester County Library Berlin Branch MD Details 2/23/2017 Logan Street E-mail
MacKay Library Cooling Tower Replacement BFY17/18-12 NJ Details 2/23/2017
NEW Renovations for Chesterfield County Central Library & New Cooperative Extension Offices 17-1613 VA Details 3/1/2017
Ravenna Public Library 113-G1-027 NE Details 3/3/2017 James Poulson 308.234.6456 E-mail
NEW Greenley Library Upper Floor 2017-03 NY 3/7/2017  Erika Wachter, Manager of Capital Programs & Construction 631.420.2017 E-mail
NEW Des Moines Library Meeting Room Improvements, King County Library System, Des Moines KCL13 WA 3/7/2017 Lisa Senn 425.828.9067 E-mail
NEW Expansion of the Highland Park Library to include Facilities for Senior & Youth Services IL Details 3/10/2017 Alison Redfield 847.926.1008 E-mail
A New 20,000 Square Foot Pelham City Library AL 3/16/2017 Alyssa Morley 205.879.4462 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW Purchase-to-Pay Solution TPL 089-2016 ON Details 2/14/2017 Alice Hau 416.393.7031 E-mail
Telephone System 17-004 RI Details 2/23/2017 City of Pawtucket E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Library Furniture for Rocky Fork and Smyrna Middle Schools 3234 TN Details 2/9/2017 Lynn Pater, Purchasing Agent 615.893.5815, x22015 E-mail
Furniture: Classroom/Library 17-18 4S000 TX Details 2/13/2017 Melanie Canedo 361.561.8452
NEW Meeting / Training Tables - City of Louisville Public Library CO Details 2/15/2017 Karen Freiter 303.335.4815 E-mail
NEW State College of Florida Furniture, Furnishings and Equipment for New Library & Learning Center IFB-FAC2017-40 FL Details 3/1/2017 Emmanuel Acheampong 941.752.5150 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW Lawn Care KY Details 2/10/2017 King Simpson, Library Director E-mail
Library Video Storytelling Project IA Details 2/13/2017 Amber Mussman E-mail
Wood Soffits/Fascia Cleaning, Power Washing, Repair/Replacement, Sealing at the Main Library MI 2/14/2017 248.232.2307
NEW Construction Manager at Risk NC Details 2/15/2017 Gary Key E-mail
NEW Strategic Planning Services - Wethersfield Public Library 2017-04 CT Details 2/15/2017 Michael O'Neil, Director of Finance E-mail
Janitorial Services for Gum Spring Library RFQ 534 VA Details 2/15/2017 Beth Cioni 703.771.5534 E-mail
NEW Mechanical Maintenanc Services 2017-01 SK Details 2/16/2017 Brian Klenk 306.533.4308 E-mail
NEW McGirt Horton & McNairy Libraries Custodial Contr 8516-1 NC Details 2/20/2017 Carol Pyrtle 336.373.2190 E-mail
Library Support Services DJJQ-17-RFP-1016 DC Details 2/21/2017 Bettie F. Bowles 202.307.1955 E-mail
NEW Janitorial Services  2017-02 SK Details 2/22/2017 Dale Mitchell 306.529.9878 E-mail
NEW Library Lawn Service 304581 TN Details 2/22/2017 Geoffrey Hipp 423.643.7233
NEW Business Continuity Consulting Services TPL 004-2017 ON Details 2/23/2017 Scott Smith, Purchasing Agent E-mail
NEW Saskatoon Public Library - Intranet Provider 17-0221 SK Details 2/23/2017 City of Saskatoon 306.975.2600
NEW Hall County Library System - Internet Access Proposal I.16 GA Details 2/27/2017 E-mail
NEW Library Café Services 27-16-17 FL Details 3/6/2017 Purchasing Department 305.895.9886 E-mail
NEW Print Media Delivery Services 0117-1 NY Details 3/15/2017 Cristina Polychronopoulos, Procurement Coordinator 718.990.8684 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW Burroughs Wilsonstak Cantilever Shelving for Webber Park Library CFB0000038 MN Details 2/21/2017 Abby Malkerson E-mail