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January 2, 2017
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Design-Build of the New Borrego Springs Library and Park 2 7762 CA Details 1/5/2017 Kymeshia Morris 858.505.6821 E-mail
Professional Design Services for the Chavez Library Staff and Children's Restroom Renovations and ADA Compliance PW 1620 CA Details 1/5/2017 Ahbid Mohammad, Project Manager 209.937.7903 E-mail
Wellesley Free Library - Space Utilization Feasibility Study WFMD-RFP-FY16-016 MA Details 1/12/2017 Stephen Gagosian, Sr. Project Manager 781.489.4256 E-mail
Request for Qualifications - Finance, Design, Development,Construction, and Operation Services for the New Library Complex 860-17-3 FL Details 1/17/2017 Dean Mealy, II, City Purchasing Director 861.845.4180 E-mail
NEW Design & Construction Services for the Sand Creek Library Makerspace 490-17-01 CO Details 1/20/2017 Gary Syling, Division Head of Facilities at Pikes Peak Library District E-mail
Design Build Services for Southside Library 16163 VA Details 1/25/2017 Toni Alvarez, Contract Monitoring Specialist Fax: 757.664.4603 E-mail
Corvallis Public Library Space Needs Assessment LIB 2016-01-260133 OR Details 2/6/2017 541.766.6928 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Library Management System RFP-17B-0040 MO Details 1/5/2017 Jim Scott E-mail
Next Generation Library Management Solution VCCS-ASR-17-121 VA Details 1/5/2017 Michele Skaggs, VCCS Assistant Procurement Director 804.819.4965 E-mail
Digital Content Provider & Access Platform 2017-683R TX Details 1/25/2017 Haydee Pena 915.212.1184 E-mail
Integrated Library System RRCC 17-06-RFP01 CO Details 1/30/2017 Renee Archuleta 303.866.6191 E-mail
Integrated Library System IN Details 1/31/2017 Carol Williams, Head of Technical Services 219.931.5100, x345 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Library Material Suppliers RFQ 504 VA Details Open Until Contracted Diane Smith, Contracting Officer 571.258.3190; Fax 703.771.5097 E-mail
Next Generation Library Management Solution VCCS-ASR-17-121 VA Details 1/5/2017 Michele Skaggs 804.819.4965 E-mail
Bookmobile for the Rolling Hills Library MO Details 1/5/2017 Michelle Mears, Library Director 816.205.7000 E-mail
Library Print Materials and Authority Control 17-06 AZ Details 1/11/2017   E-mail
Whispering Ridge Community School Gym and Library Sound/Audio System  AB-2016-07148 AB Details 1/11/2017 Darcy Bromling, IT Coordinator 780.831.3084 E-mail
Library Books and Media (Fully Processed and Unprocessed) TX Details 1/11/2017 Nancy York 830.372.1930 E-mail
Air Force Library - Books FA8604-17-A-2002 OH Details 1/12/2017 Micah Flax 937.656.7426 E-mail
Library Materials & Processing Supplies 2016-2017-030 OK Details 1/17/2017
Library Books - Supplemental 2615-7NE TX Details 1/31/2017 Coordinator for Purchasing E-mail
Library: Books/Periodicals/Media 17-18 6F000 TX Details 2/1/2017 Melanie Canedo 316.561.8452
Library Books & Related Value Added Services P17/9956 AZ Details 2/13/2017 Philip Quintanilla, Senior Buyer E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
NEW High Point Central High School - Media Center Addition (HVAC only rebid) NC Details 1/5/2017 Kim Neese E-mail
Library Public Restrooms Renovation 1233 CA Details 1/5/2017 Ulises Benavente 626.914.8247
BL209 Wells Library – Renovate 2nd Floor Administration Offices IU #20131054 IN Details 1/5/2017 Rhonda Deckard
Greenwood Branch Improvements SPL-PW #2016-10 WA Details 1/5/2017 Ingrid Jennings 206.386.4164 E-mail
Ora Mason Branch Library Accessibility and Remodeling Project CT Details 1/6/2017
Bay County Library Roof Repairs 17-07 FL Details 1/6/2017 Purchasing Department Fax: 850.248.8276 E-mail
Carpet Tile, Tuckahoe Area Library Replacement 16-1294-12RT VA Details 1/6/2017 Ryan Thompson 804.501.5690 E-mail
NEW Library Renovation Project 253-133 AZ Details 1/11/2017 Hilary Cuenin, Project Management Assistant 928.432.4082 E-mail
Construction Delivery of the Renovation & Improvements #3270953 MT Details 1/11/2017
NEW Miscellaneous HVAC Repairs for Library BD-17-1144 MA Details 1/12/2017 Natalie Sullivan E-mail
Renovation of the North Stafford High School Library  112173 VA Details 1/12/2017 Jacqui Mejeur 540.658.6540 E-mail
Interior Renovation of the Adrian Branch Library MN Details 1/12/2017
Library Security System Replacements at Various Facilities MDMPS31030250  MD Details 1/13/2017 Laurie S. Checco Fax: 301.279.3173 E-mail
Millenium Library Front Entrance Skywalk Glazing 1166-2016 MB Details 1/13/2017 Greg Kucel, Project Officer 204.986.3429 E-mail
Re-Roof of the Public Library AL Details 1/17/2017 Dave Luttrell 850.429.9004
Library Expansion Project 2017-07 FL Details 1/17/2017 Ryan Spradlin, Public Works Operations  Manager 954.757.4149
Norfolk Public Library Renovation NE Details 1/19/2017 Diane Sunde
Library Renovation Services at Francis Scott Key EMS-76 MDBCS31030326 MD Details 1/19/2017 Mike Krupnik 410.396.8826 E-mail
Library Director's Office Renovation Project MA 1/19/2017 Sara Collins, Library Director 978.526.2011 E-mail
NEW OU - Alden Library Renovation 17-016-CPF-BH OH Details 1/20/2017 Jayne Vandenburgh 614.628.0300 E-mail
NEW Hatcher H North Graduate Library Building Number 1000185 CHW Piping Replacement Bidpack 01 - Construction P00012619 MI Details 1/20/2017 Andrew Smith, Project Manager 734.647.1314
NEW Wahab Public Library Renovations PWIN-17-0035 VA Details 1/20/2017 Tim Thomas 757.385.5017 E-mail
Hadley Library Renovation 201632002 CO Details 1/20/2017 Diane Urbina E-mail
Wilkens Library Chiller Replacement 1/23/2017 Alena Volynkina 508.362.2131
Renovation of the Martin Building Library 260-A6260-016 VA Details 1/24/2017 Wynn Powers 757.822.1766 E-mail
Hamilton Library Addition, Phase III, Upgrade Controls, Central Plant, and Reheat Systems, University of Hawaii at Manoa  B2017000067  HI Details 1/27/2017 Paula Youngling 808.956.9572 E-mail
Grinnell Public Library Drainage Improvements NY Details 2/8/2017 845.233.5274
Alicia Ashman Library Roof Replacement 7884 WI Details 2/10/2017
Library Maintenance Support Center Remodel & Addition 10001 WI Details 2/10/2017
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Switches & WAN circuits LIBR17-LIBR-2346 CA Details 1/23/2017 Steven Raughley 909.387.2220 E-mail
NEW Electrical Equipment for the James Madison Memorial Building, Library of Congress (LOC), Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Project  RFQCD170008 DC Details 1/27/2017 Contracting Specialist E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Furniture for Library B000833 TX Details 1/5/2017 Patty Winkler 979.845.4556 E-mail
Webber Park Library Furniture CFB0000031 MN Details 1/10/2017 Abby Malkerson E-mail
Movable Furnishing and Installation Library Project TX 1/11/2017 Phillip Barker 832.813.6564 E-mail
Library Furnishings for Northshore High School 1542 LA Details 1/18/2017 Frank Jabbia, Principal 985.649.6400
NEW Furniture Packages for Bluebonnet Regional Branch Library  Addendum No. 1 RQO40310 LA Details 1/27/2017 225.389.3259 E-mail
Furniture: Classroom/Library 17-18 4S000 TX Details 2/13/2017 Melanie Canedo 361.561.8452
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail
Long Range Plan for the Library System 2018 - 2023 17-0008 FL Details 12/28/2016 Susan Dugan, Senior Contracting Officer 352.343.9839 E-mail
Janitorial Services at Irvine Heritage Park Library 012-C008198-LFG CA Details 12/29/2016
Library Services Consultant MA Details 1/9/2017 Carl Lehto 617.859.2346 E-mail
Security Guard Services 529 VA Details 1/9/2017 Loudon County Government 703.777.0403 E-mail
Route 9 Library, Landscaping & Site Furnishings 16-1636 DE Details 1/10/2017 Jack Wolos 302.395.5749
Library Cleaning Services 365 MA Details 1/12/2017 Kerry Cronin, Library Director 978.318.3377 E-mail
Planning and Consulting Services for the Library of Congress LCNLS17R0001 DC Details 1/12/2017 Clint Unger 202.707.8604 E-mail
Website Design
for Berks County Public Libraries
PA Details 1/17/2017 Kelly Okken, CPPB, Deputy Director of Contracts & Procurement 610.478.6168 E-mail
NEW Move Consultant for New Central Library 2016-013 AB Details 1/24/2017 Dave Tickner 403.260.2618 E-mail
New Bid Title Reference # State Details Due Date Contact Phone E-mail